BFR is a personal philosophy that means one thing to me and another to you. Fake rules live hidden amongst real ones, and identifying them brings us closer to self-consciousness.

This site is an introduction to an idea, and to an artist. Please do reach out and follow my artistic career if the message resonates with you. 


All materials are upcycled, and products are never the same twice. We live in such abundance that we would stop making tomorrow and I would still have enough material to make art with for a lifetime.

Liquid Experience BFR Mural
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Ian Paratore was born and raised in San Francisco, California. To learn the beauty of the city, he left. 


Ian took visual arts classes as a teenager, but only returned to art after his baseball years as an undergraduate.

He studied renewable energy at UC Berkeley and so the materials Ian uses to make art are recycled, reused, and repurposed paper, garments, and objects of all kinds. 


"Used things are neglected, and become labled as trash far too soon.  I arrange them with the hope of something new and interesting. I started with magazines and sometimes I take those paper principles to other mediums.

I work for sustainability, and the explicit deconstruction of puzzles and challenges in the name of critical thought.

I enjoy many layers of color, style, and meaning. My favorite constraint on the creative process is: sourcing. On occasion I seek out content, but,I try to put whatever I get my hands on to use.

New surfaces, new glues, different manipulations of paper, apparel, prints, and even live performances are in my future."

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Spectrums at Rolo - SF
All the Visuals - 3rd Place - Creative a
La Palma - Madrid Evend Flyer
La Tuerta - Madrid Event Flyer.jpg



National Flags

Oakland Art Library - Oakland

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Rolo - San Franciscos

















"Corona Virus" the Music Video

All Visual Arts International Contest

3rd Place - Creative Art Catagory









La Ducha Fria en Invienro

Cafe la Palma - Madrid
















San Francisco y Madrid

La Tuerta - Madrid










One Tree Planted

Don Buri - Madrid



Pintapiés - Madrid

Penny Project

Is bending over to pick up a penny worth it? I put 10,000 together, with help; all heads-up, for luck.  It was a busy Sunday morning and people asked questions. The money was swept up for a good cause. 





Untitled, Mockingbird - Nashville

Custom Holiday

What do you want on yours? I'll bring you images. Scissors. Irons. Drinks. Music. Collaboration. The events idea is to help share and spread creative energy.

Painting with Paper

Use the contact page and introduce yourself. Building community happens one person a time.


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